How to extend your holiday feeling a little longer - tips for handling the „Energiepreispauschale“ and „Nachweisgesetz“!

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Did you enjoy your vacation and return to the office full of energy, determined to take this positive feeling with you over the next few weeks? Are you relaxed and ready to tackle difficult topics and strategically plan the upcoming months?


Congratulations - however, here comes the cold shower: we hate to mention it, but the government has rewritten the „Nachweisgesetz“ (NachwG) as of 01 August 2022 and this has far-reaching implications for the employment contracts of your employees. This and also, for example, the topic of the settlement of Energiepreispauschale in September 2022 are time-consuming topics that can clearly affect your good rest and your focus on the essentials of your company.


Be honest now: - do you really want to worry about it?


We have already informed our customers in the end of July about the changes and payments this late summer and are preparing the necessary steps in the background. Have you considered, for example, that your employment contracts must be signed in original - the electronic form is not allowed anymore... have you already included all new paragraphs as well as information about the termination procedure in your employment contracts? Did you adjust your contracts? If you can answer these questions with a spontaneous "yes", we would like to congratulate you. However, if your "yes" has left your mouth rather hesitantly or if the first question marks have formed in your mind, please feel free to contact us!


And do we even want to start talking about the one-off payment of the „Energiepreispauschale“, who is allowed to receive a payment and what needs to be considered back here? There is a lot of extra work for you - or B.I.P. GmbH. It is up to you!


Maybe together we will manage to get your focus back on the essentials and we will take care of all the HR details for you!


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by Ann-Kathrin Katz


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