We work for children in need

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Our social commitment


We work for children in need

Social commitment plays a big role at B.I.P. Particularly close to our heart is our support for a welfare organisation in the region – the Pestalozzi Foundation, which aids children in need. For often it is the small and weak who need special help. For instance, if there is a lack of parental care, if they are being brought up in a violent background, or if they have no regular access to education and medical care. Through a monthly donation B.I.P. ensures that children so affected can be removed from their problematic environment. This is made possible by the Pestalozzi Foundation's Initial Reception Group, in which children in danger can find a new home for the time being.


The Pestalozzi Foundation

Founded in Hanover in 1846, the aim of the Foundation to the present day has been to help children in need. At that time Johann-Heinrich Pestalozzi, who gave his name to the organisation, was advocating a new approach to teaching: education through head, heart and hand. Over 170 years later this guiding principle still defines the Foundation's daily work. The essential feature of its activity is that of Christian charity. Anyone working for the Foundation or supporting it embraces the goal of social commitment. B.I.P. is glad to make its contribution, too, in order to help children to a better life and a less care-laden future.  


Many years of social commitment

Our firm has been supporting the Pestalozzi Foundation for no less than five years. "The Foundation is a part of Burgwedel and the people it takes care of are part of the town's profile", says managing director Suzanne Walter. "I live here, too, and wanted to get involved in local welfare work through my firm – and my choice fell quickly upon the Pestalozzi Foundation, which does good and meaningful work." In quite concrete terms, B.I.P. supports the organisation in taking children aged four to eight into care. For when crises develop in families it is usually necessary to act quickly, to rescue children from an escalating situation.


Protection and security for the smallest children

Unfortunately it often happens that children – due to threatening dangers, uncertain prospects or lack of planned help – need to be housed as quickly as possible, and on the orders of the Youth Welfare Office, in a secure teaching and learning environment. Their stay in the Initial Reception Group at the Pestalozzi Foundation then bridges the time until a long-term solution is found in a foster family or other arrangement. In its role as a regular donor B.I.P. aims to make this process of taking into care as pleasant and child-centred as possible. "My sister-in-law is a teacher at a school in a problematic environment. The children in her class come from difficult backgrounds, are very poor and have few chances of  a positive future", explains Suzanne Walter. "I saw many sad cases there and so decided to help the children who are often without help and without means of support."


Playing, letting go, and just being a child

"We are very grateful to B.I.P. for supporting our Initial Reception Group as a permanent donor", says Susanne Janisch, assistant to the management committee of the Pestalozzi Foundation and in charge of fund raising. "In 2015, for instance, the firm financed a playground in the garden, or last year it paid the costs of a holiday recreation camp." For even though the group is supported by public funds, she says, extras such as individually produced furniture – e.g. a strong play platform for the living room – can only be afforded through donations. "B.I.P. is very committed and is glad to support us with an additional injection of finance if we need it."


Invitation to summer party and flea market

Just as every year, the Pestalozzi Foundation is organising a summer party for its children, in which fun and games are in the forefront. Family, friends, guests and sponsors are cordially welcome on Saturday 22 June 2019, from 12 midday to 5 p.m., to the Foundation's grounds at Pestalozzistraße 7, 30938 Burgwedel. Along with a varied programme, there will be a flea market at which visitors can buy inexpensive children's clothing and toys. And the Foundation's honorary staff will be showcasing their work on an information stand. Coffee, cake and a barbecue will not only fill empty stomachs but provide time for talk and an opportunity to maintain contacts.


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