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We present:

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Waldemar Pruss Armaturenfabrik GmbH

In mid-May this year Ina Wenig, communications manager at B.I.P. GmbH, paid a visit to one of two managing directors of Waldemar Pruss Armaturenfabrik GmbH in Hanover, Ralf Nosko. There were business matters to discuss, but not only that. Ina Wenig interviewed Mr. Nosko for this blog – for every now and then, starting now, we shall be presenting our clients and letting them speak for themselves. In doing so, it is our aim to demonstrate, from their point of view, how working with B.I.P. impacts on their company. For quite frequently we are asked, "What actually do you do? Why does anyone need an outside personnel department? It is surely much more practical to have it in the firm, keeping an eye on everything there, and keeping everything under control."  


How is the outside personnel department doing at Pruss?

What in many countries has long been established practice is something which most entrepreneurs in Germany still find off-putting: outsourcing in general, and outsourcing the personnel department in particular. Now of course you can read on our website of the advantages in theory which an outside personnel department can bring; a telephone call or meeting with ourselves can also make plain what we can do for you and your company. But the clearest language is spoken by satisfied clients. Which is why Ina Wenig asked Mr. Nosko how the outsourced personnel department is now doing at Armaturenfabrik Pruss, how the staff are coming to terms with it, and what benefits working with B.I.P. has brought.    

Ralf Nosko interviewed

As managing director of a company with almost 100 workers and world-wide sales, of course Mr. Nosko has a great deal to do and not much time. So he did not waste many words; they were clear and unambiguous, however:

Ina Wenig: On your website it says at one point: "Keeping things under control is our daily business." What led to the decision, by outsourcing the personnel department at Pruss, to "give up control", so to speak, in this area?

Ralf Nosko: Over the last 20 years our company in Hanover has grown considerably. To cope with the increased demands in the personnel section associated with this, and to continue to maintain the quality of our personnel work, on mature consideration we decided to employ outside professional support. B.I.P. is a service provider with decades of broad experience – that was the deciding factor for us.

Ina Wenig: What advantages has this outsourcing brought meanwhile to the company?

Ralf Nosko: I can express that clearly in a few words: independence, constant availability, cost minimisation and quality improvement.

Ina Wenig: How do the staff react to a personal contact who is not based directly in the company?

Ralf Nosko: In the beginning it was a bit difficult: the staff needed a readjustment phase. But then the reactions were very good and, as time goes on, they have become even better. Now we can say it is going very well.

Ina Wenig: What, in concrete terms, has changed internally at Pruss since personnel services were outsourced?

Ralf Nosko: We have been able to save on costs, and the organisation is more efficient. If there are questions, the staff just give B.I.P. a quick phone call or send an e-mail. A personal contact is always there for us and our queries are settled within 24 hours.


Ina Wenig: Many thanks, Mr. Nosko. We look forward to working with you in future.

Die Waldemar Pruss Armaturenfabrik GmbH

For more than 100 years we have been developing and producing industrial valves for tailor-made solutions in plant construction – for almost any requirement, and for businesses in almost every corner of the world. Always with the aim of supplying top quality, rapidly and reliably at all times. For us that means maximum precision, even at the highest pressure levels and temperatures of the widest range of media. Our focus is on the power-generation, oil, gas, steel and petrochemical industries.

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