Opportunities and possibilities of executive search


There are more and more companies using direct search to fill leadership positions. Direct search is mostly known as executive search in Germany. Its key function is addressing potential leaders directly. Executive search usually is only used when it comes to the need of filling vacant management positions. Today, this service is an essential part of the labour market. Nevertheless, it occurs in the early 20th century the first time. Initially being a small part of the whole human resources service, executive search is now a successful function for entire industries.


Executive search offers new opportunities


There are pretty much opportunities opening up with executive search. Primarily, executive search makes it possible to occupy positions for which only a few people apply usually. In most cases, job positions which executive search is applied to are not promoted by an advertise. The reasons for that vary: In frequent cases the companies do not want their competitors to know about the open position. Executive search is starting with the search for a suitable candidate. The focus is clearly set on professionals of the industry with very much expertise. To find a possible candidate, the open position has to be defined first.


Personal interview gives clarity


It will depend on a variety of special features, whether the recruiter is choosing one or more potential candidates for the human resources service. Usually, more than one potential candidates are searched for. After they have been chosen, a personal interview follows. This interview is noted in a confidential report which will help the company during the final selection of the candidate.