External personnel administration relieves


Wherever personnel work is needed, external personnel administration may be a possible service ensuring to get this work done. External personnel administration can be selectively tuned considering the specific needs of the company. This is also the case, why an external personnel administration can be used in companies of all branches and all sizes. Especially small and mid-sized companies often do not have their own personnel experts. Department managers or managers take care of the staff management in such cases. To save those resources, companies can use the external personnel administration service. Even personnel managers will then have enough time to focus on their actual core tasks. It is an advantage that experts with years of experience will be in charge of the human resources management. They not only know the labour legislation but also are capable of applying it. The external personnel administration is the right choice even when it comes to working contracts, terminations, original certificates and warnings. Another component of the external personnel administration is the payroll.


Examinations and organisation in one part


The external personnel administration equally deals with examination and organisation. Different concepts of the own personnel resources will be examined on the first hand and optimised on the second-hand. All tasks are bound together and solutions are developed. A professional external personnel administration service provider will make recommendations so that errors can be avoided. The service of B.I.P. is distinguished by this proactive work.


External service providers are paying off


Small and medium-sized companies can profit from significant benefits when charging an external personnel administration service provider. With external personnel administration, companies save their own resources, relieve their employees and ensure the safe handling. Additionally, employee satisfaction increases. The external personnel administration can be adjusted considering the individual needs. The external personnel administration is in charge of multiple tasks, including the payroll but also the communication with insurances and different offices. Additionally, the entry and exit formalities are being completed by the external personnel administration. For instance, this includes the creation of employment references. Furthermore, personnel experts will be in charge of the contract management. They will also take care of the management of personnel data in the right place. With the commissioning of an external personnel administration, companies opt for a trend: HR outsourcing.