External personnel department is responsible for important tasks


There are different solutions for businesses when it comes to human resources. First of all, some may opt for an internal human resources department with its own staff. Others may will make use of the possibility to hire an extra HR department. The importance of the external personnel department is rising only since a short time period. The working location of the external personnel department is not inside the company, but in own rooms. This is the reason for the company saving important resources and useful space. The staff which formerly has been in charge for the human resources department internally, can now be used for the actual core business of the company because of an external personnel department.


Personnel administration takes place as the service


The external personnel department is fundamentally designed as a classic service. Interest in external personnel department service providers has increased significantly, especially in recent years. In most cases, businesses opt for external personnel department due to a lot of effort being saved. The tasks an external personnel department accepts are quite versatile. It includes all the tasks from the inlet to the outlet of an employee and everything which is bound to that: Maternity leave, employment certificates, contracts writing, travel expenses, sick leave, etc.


Human resources management and staff organisation as one part


The entire personnel administration is handled by the external personnel department. As an external personnel department service provider, we will support you designing specific contracts, leading desired salary negotiations, creating expense records and looking for your order to search senior managers or executives. We answer all questions about the personal administration process fast, reliable and multilingual. We will also take care for any change processes you are seeking in your company. Furthermore, we will also take the responsibility when it comes to the reduction of personnel. While we fulfil all those tasks while you can focus on your core business. If you are planning to establish a branch in Germany or all over the world, we are very happy to assist you as an external personnel department.