External personnel management makes personnel management comprehensible


When it comes to human resources management, small and medium-sized companies in Germany rarely use on their own employees. The financial burden that is associated with it would be much too high. Nevertheless, the personnel administration cannot always be done by the manager or the department heads at this point. Instead, it requires an external solution, which will pay off for the company. The external personnel management is one of these options. By an external personnel management company, the entire HR management can be outsourced. You save time, effort and money.


Numerous services by professionals


Trust in the team of B.I.P.! As you wish, we are your external personnel administration and take care of all HR tasks. We will be responsible for the human resources, the search for new executives and the personnel administration. We also create work references and certificates and exhortations. Even wages and salaries are in good hands with us and will be settled responsibly and carefully.


Professional communication guaranteed


Another advantage that comes with the external personnel administration is communication. Our experts are in charge of all communications with offices. Also, the labour contract management is part of the remit of B.I.P. Furthermore, the external personnel management will try recruiting new top employees you need, for example for the establishment of a subsidiary in Germany. Our employees are highly trained and are always helping as a team for your personal administrative support. Trust on our expertise and the years of experience we have as a human resources management service provider. We know the characteristics of the markets and act flexible and fast for you. With us, you can compile different services according to your needs. As external personnel administration, we answer all the questions that occur to personnel administration processes in Germany. We provide our clients a multilingual support, including not only the German language but aside the communication in English, Dutch and French. How long do you want to take advantage of our service - permanently or only for the period of a project - you decide: We will ensure your scope for development.