Headhunter international: We look beyond borders


Looking for a headhunter who is searching your experts for management positions internationally? Then you are right with us: Our headhunters internationally look beyond borders. They search for high-level experts who are competent and technically experienced candidates for the vacant position. The tasks of the headhunters are versatile: The English term refers fundamentally to specific recruiters. Until today, the title is not protected in itself, whereby the international and national responsibilities of the headhunters are very far apart. We are building a comprehensive portfolio of services. The focus of the tasks is set on the acquisition of technical and management personnel who are highly qualified. A particular concern of B.I.P. is searching for female professionals and executives which are required to meet the legally required quota for women in management and supervisory boards.


When are headhunters applied to international tasks?


More and more companies decide for commissioning a headhunter internationally. Especially considering high-level management positions, it is not always possible to find suitable candidates in the own country. At this point, the headhunter is looking internationally: It is searched worldwide for possible candidates. Headhunter international often come to be used when the company was unsuccessful with the traditional recruiting strategies. In some industries, it is also common that the recruitment is kept discreet. Here, headhunter international are applied too. The headhunters of B.I.P. are internationally in particular demand, especially when it comes to find foreign professionals for the German market.


Services go beyond recruitment


The headhunter international service not only handles the personnel search. Typically, also other services are included: For example, discussions regarding compensation or personnel development. For recruiting headhunters international are using different strategies. Contacts of all kinds are very important. The available recruitment channels have become increasingly comprehensive in recent years. Today they include, for example, the Internet, the newspaper and increasingly social media channels. An important instrument for the headhunter international to find suitable managers is direct search.