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Founded in 1994 as classic HR consultants, B.I.P. quickly developed into an integrated HR-service provider. We handle all aspects of personnel management with a lot of knowledge and sense.

Every day better than yesterday

B.I.P. GmbH. This is who we are. This is what we do. This is what defines us.



As an international consulting company, our thinking is global. We are able to answer all questions relating to personnel management in several languages - effectively, promptly, skillfully and responsibly. The basis of our activities is cost effectiveness - for our clients and for us. The client is always the main focus. We are a service-oriented personnel management company and keep a close eye on market developments. We act as intermediaries between different international approaches and German requirements and opportunities. This creates reliable and efficient management processes for personnel administration, benefiting stakeholders, clients, customers and personnel.



We ensure flexibility and reliability in personnel management for our international customers through:

  • our understanding of mindsets and procedures resulting from cultural differences
  • multilingual communication
  • training in and implementation of German quality standards in personnel work
  • effective standards for modern process handling for personnel management in combination with the provision of efficient contact persons
  • lean, transparent and efficient structures and procedures
  • cost-effective personnel management in conformity with German law.

We search for and employ staff who can identify with these goals, who cooperate constructively and actively, speak your language and therefore strengthen your position in the market. Our high standards with regard to our employees and partners are a reflection of how we see our responsibility towards you. We sustainably increase the value of the company through our activities. Our core values are: responsibility to the people who work for and with us, fairness and tolerance.

Change requires an open mind. 

-- Suzanne Walter, --

Our Services

Welcome to your external personnel department!

Personnel management - simple, effective, clear

Administration is a complex area of personnel management. Today this may mean a specific employment contract; tomorrow you might be looking for a CFO; and the day after you could be negotiating a salary. Every day consists of 1,001 routine tasks, which are never completely identical. External support for personnel management for SMEs (Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises) is a good solution for saving time, money and personnel. And it is effective. B.I.P. offers you exactly the services which you need in your company. You are also in safe hands with the B.I.P.'s recruitment specialists.


Since 1994, we have been offering proven personnel management with enthusiasm, sensitivity and common sense - whether on a permanent basis, as an external personnel department, providing a full range of services,  or temporarily for single projects. We take pains to empathize with your company philosophy. Our thinking is multicultural and we see ourselves as intermediaries between different cultural mindsets and those that run businesses in Germany. We help establish relationships and maintain close contacts. We provide the contact for all matters concerning personnel management in the same way as your in-house personnel department. This has many advantages. Both practical and emotional. Discover them for yourself. We are here to help you; passionate about what we do and committed, with a flair for solid and dependable Human Resources work.


Personnel management for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

B.I.P. undertakes personnel administration for German and international companies who are subject to German law. We will take care of all your personnel management; tasks; whether you are a company opening a subsidiary in Germany, setting up new production facilities, or opening a store. B.I.P. is equally pleased to advise clients during the planning phase. In opur works as a human resource management company, we deal with everything required by German law: contracts, all necessary correspondence with authorities such as health insurance companies, pension insurance institutes, professional associations, and chambers of commerce etc., including salary administration. Additionally, we offer skilled recruitment services for companies requiring employees for international business activities.


Advantages of an external personnel management service

  • Flexible, tailor-made personnel management
  • Needs-based modular system for personnel administration
  • Maximum cost savings thanks to minimum investment
  • No need for in-house HR department (no provision necessary for own employees, workplaces, sick-leave/holiday cover, materials & training measures)
  • Considerable time savings due to external implementation
  • Sustainable decision-making tools due to focused HR skills
  • Human Resources - made simple, effective, clear


Trustworthy and straightforward – this is how we define the cooperation with our clients. Every client is special and is treated as such.

Successful personnel projects

A personnel department, which is able to answer promptly all personnel management questions that arise? In German, English, Dutch or French? B.I.P. can. We provide support for small- and medium-sized companies, both long-term and on a project basis. Whether for a day, a month or a year. With just one person or a team. Be it a single question or a complex project involving the founding of a subsidiary. Our thinking is multicultural and we speak your language.


We deal with every task efficiently and reliably. Guaranteed. Thanks to our experience of personnel management processes over many years, we develop sustainable and secure solutions. If necessary, we can call on other specialists from the relevant field. This gives you practical results, allowing you to focus on your core business.


Our range of services

  • Support with all personnel projects and processes when founding a subsidiary
  • Remuneration systems and conditions
  • Development of agreements
  • Questions regarding personnel management processes
  • Support with changing processes
  • Personnel reduction and lay-offs


And how can we help you?


External human resource management

Founding a company in Germany

  • Applying for a company number
  • Applying for a tax identification number
  • Employment tax registration
  • Registering with the professional associations


Hiring personnel

  • Employment contracts
  • Set-up of pay accounts
  • Registering for health insurance

Regular tasks

  • Communication with all relevant authorities and institutions
  • Exact calculation of all pecuniary claims
  • Monthly salary administration
  • Processing insolvencies and garnishments
  • Monitoring and adhering to legal deadlines
  • Dealing with certificates
  • Interim references
  • Checking travel expenses

Reporting & Controlling

  • Holidays
  • Sick notes
  • Sickness rates
  • Financial accounting
  • Fluctuation quotas
  • Overviews of personnel

Disagreements in the employment relationship

  • Cautions
  • Warnings

Personnel leaving the company

  • Letters of dismissal
  • Severance agreements
  • Forms for people leaving work
  • References
  • Closing of pay accounts
  • Deregistration from health insurance and other insurances
  • Work certificates to present to authorities

Successful recruitment service

Skilled executives and specialists who fit into your company are worth their weight in gold. Finding them is often like hunting for treasure. Skills shortage problems will be off your agenda for good when you enlist our help.


As recruitment specialists, B.I.P. and their experienced advisors are happy to support you. We know just how to fill a vacancy with the right candidate. It is part of our day-to-day business to get to grips with particular requirements and to overcome any hurdles - specifically for international companies. And we do this confidently in many different languages. Whether it is German, English, French or Dutch: we speak your language. We are equally familiar with the requirements of German companies, who are looking for executives and specialists involved in international business activities. Give us a try!


Qualification profile

It is not about the quantity of candidates, it is the quality that matters. To meet the precise needs of our clients, we create a detailed qualification profile for the desired candidate right at the start. We ask questions, you give us your answers - the more in-depth the briefing is, the smaller the discrepancies, in the end, between qualifications of the candidates and the actual job. And we only start the search once you tell us that the qualification profile matches what you expect of your future employee.


Skilled facilitator

Our personnel recruitment is professional. Human-, and personal, with an open mind and clear focus. We are facilitators for your company and represent you as an employer - and we do so skilfully and confidently.
We are your contact with regard to all matters concerning your employees. Whether it concerns creating the right general conditions or advice on how to retain employees: we are at your side. We are also happy to assist with salary negotiations, if required.


Personnel recruitment in detail

  • Definition and creation of a qualification profile
  • Direct search for qualified candidates
  • Evaluation and review of the application documents
  • Pre-selection of candidates
  • Conducting initial interviews
  • Creating candidate profiles including assessment
  • Presentation of candidates and, if required, support for interviews
  • Advice during selection

“ The power of HR - simple, effective, reasonable. 

--  --

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