HR outsourcing promises personnel management in a professional manner


Companies rely on a good personnel management, because this is the only way they can use the available personnel resources optimally. But an own HR department requires competent staff and the right facilities. The implementation of these two requirements often is not really available considering the fairly big effort needed. To close such gaps, many companies opt sensibly for the HR outsourcing. With HR outsourcing the personnel management of the company is transferred to an (external) service provider. An advantage is that the company oneself does not need to create the necessary conditions for a professional personnel management.


More flexibility through HR outsourcing


Another decisive advantage of HR outsourcing is the flexibility that comes with it. The service providers coordinate their tasks accurately considering the company and its wishes, so that systematic management is possible. The HR outsourcing is only used when it is necessary. This offers the advantage that it only costs the real efforts necessary. HR outsourcing can be planned individually and can also be extended accordingly if necessary. In the modular system it is possible to make use of individual modules or to use the full service of B.I.P.


Your interests are in our focus


If you are looking for a partner for your HR outsourcing, you are at the right place. If you wish, we will take responsibility of your personnel administration while we build on a professional service. We will advise you considering all aspects of human resources and assist you in contract design. HR outsourcing by B.I.P. is simple, effective, understandable and – if needed - multilingual. In addition to the entire personnel administration, we support you in finding specialists and executives. Simplify your life and charge us as your outsourced HR department.