International personnel management: Simple, understandable, effective


The human resources could hardly be more complex today. International businesses with only a few employees in Germany could employ several employees for an appropriate human resources department. Since this is not always economic you have to choose some options: This also includes an international personnel management. The globalization progresses – even in the HR department. International companies that are active in the German market, face a variety of policies, guidelines and laws which their implementations they are not familiar with. An international personnel management helps when it comes to the implementation of all requirements in personnel work – legally compliant and secure.


Involvement of the specific culture


international personnel management pays out – particular because of the fact that it is possible to focus on the culture of each country. Basically, an international personnel management includes the complete management. It is always necessary to respond new tasks and challenges successfully. The activities range from the design of work contracts and routine activities to payroll. Especially small and medium enterprises are increasingly opting for an external, international personnel management. The associated support pays out, because the company itself can thus save a lot of time and money. The employees can concentrate on their core business and have always an experienced partner in B.I.P. In international personnel management multilingual communication is another advantage.


Proven staff working at its best


Our international personnel management examines very individual solutions for you, while we can flexibly adapt our solutions to your wishes. We rely on a practically proven HR, which is characterized by experience and competence, but ultimately by heart and mind. We support you as an external personnel department, but also assist you on request for individual projects aside. So you can make use of our international personnel management and rely on it. This saves time and money alike. New possibilities and opportunities also arise for your business. And if necessary we will communicate with you and your employees in English, German, French or Dutch.