International personnel search: Find the right applicant


For a long time, companies have been limited to the national space considering the search for suitable executives. But especially the requirements placed on professionals and managers have increased significantly in recent years. Globalisation has changed the international personnel search. Qualified applicants not always can be found in the domestic job market. With the international recruitment, a suitable alternative has opened: The international personnel search is mainly characterized by the fact that it is operating beyond the borders. In whole Europe it is looked for suitable candidates, while not only job offers and contacts come in question. For foreign companies, international personnel search is very useful for foreign companies to look out for matching candidates.


We select the right channels


An important part of the international personnel search is to select the right recruitment channels. For international recruitment there are various possibilities, ranging from recruitment fairs, newspaper and internet to social media. Especially the social media channels have evolved in recent years becoming an important point of contact and providing the opportunity to reach potential candidates directly. With us, the international personnel search is accompanied by knowledgeable and expertise staff. Together with you we define the requirements to be met by the applicant may being the right leader in your company.


New strategies necessary


The international personnel search has evolved considerably in recent years. It has become more complex and individual. international personnel search is in trend at many companies, but requires a lot of effort from their side. They often do not have the ability to accomplish the international recruitment. Finally, the cultural differences need to be considered. In such cases, where international personnel search is needed but requires too much effort, you can contact the B.I.P. We offer international personnel search as part of our service and always manage to build a bridge between different cultures. We have set ourselves the goal to find and mediate the best specialists and managers.