Scalable payroll services Germany made for your business


The payroll is one of the standard tasks a company has to deal with. There are several ways to deal with the payroll. Large companies that have their own human resources department mostly handle the payroll themselves. Small and medium businesses opt for external service providers. On demand for our customers we accept professional payroll Germany, thus freeing some important resources in your business. Basically, the payroll Germany is very time consuming for employers, also because of very much guidelines and regulations considering German labour law and German law in general. The documents of a payroll provide an overview of the compositions and serve the employees as an information. Furthermore, these accounts are kept, because they form a written record about the content standards of an employee. Workers can see the composition of their net salary from the payroll.


Clear differentiation required


In the payroll it is important to fundamentally differentiate from the beginning between wages and salaries. Although both is a form of financial compensation received by an employee for his work there are differences. Wages can fundamentally be volatile because it depends on the working hours that were actually provided. Considering the content, there comes a little contrary because it is describing a fixed monthly payment where the actual working hours provided do not matter. It is basically needed to define in the payroll, what exactly it is.


Contents of the payroll


The payroll is composed out of different aspects. These positions are deducted from the gross income of the employee. They are identical in the payroll. In addition to the income tax there exists the church tax and solidarity surcharge. An addition to that shares for health insurance, unemployment insurance and pension insurance are listed in the payroll. Income tax can be found in each payroll too, because this must be paid by all non-self-employees. Also issues such as insurances, company cars or employee loans must be considered for tax purposes and can be found in the payroll.