Search professionals and managers: Enterprises are using external service providers more frequently


A few years ago it was common for companies to independently deal with the recruitment apart from a few industries. After long time there was almost an oversupply of candidates. But good professionals and managers are anything but easy to find. The high-level heads are competitive and are heavily courted by the factories. When it comes to the "search of managers and professionals", many businesses today select is another way. At this point most of them decide for an external service provider. We have the “search professionals and managers” dedicated to ourselves and offer this service for national and international companies. At this point, trust on B.I.P.!


We select the appropriate channels


To search specialists and managers there are very different recruitment channels available. We are aware of this and work very meticulously – despite the high expenditure of time. Here we go unconventional ways for the successful search for specialists and executives. At this point we decide for example to the use social media channels, making it possible to reach potential candidates directly. We also rely on our personal contacts and a large network that we have built in the past 20 years when it comes to a search for managers and professionals. This network is maintained and nurtured very well and can be used when required.


Strength and professionalism pays off


When searching for managers and professionals we rely on professionalism. For that we know exactly what you expect from your candidate. we will contact you with a first question asking which abilities the new employee may need to have. Together with you we define a profile for the vacancy and the candidate. It is used in the search of professionals and management personnel as an important base. Throughout the search of technically competent candidates, we use this requirement profile as a guide. Beside the search professionals and managers, we advise you making the final decision and then assist you when designing the contract.